Burns FFA Hunters Helping The Hungry

Burns FFA Hunters Helping The Hungry
Burns High School is getting ready to launch this year’s annual Hunters Helping the Hungry project. Our project will start on September 10, 2012 (the first day of deer season), and will last until the last day of deer season.  The goal of the HHH Project is to feed people in the community around Burns High School, Upper Cleveland County and to anyone else that needs it.  The way that we will be helping those in need of food in Cleveland County is partnering with Wells Jenkins and Wells, deer hunters at Burns High and with Upper Cleveland Area Needs UCAN Bliss Center which is a local food pantry. UCAN does background checks to see if a person/family is truly in need.   Renewable natural resources (the white-tail deer) can provide food for those which are less fortunate.
How to Help...
When hunters legally harvest the white tail deer in our community, they then field dress it and take it to Wells Jenkins and Wells Processing in Forest City, who will then turn that deer meat into deer-burger.  After the deer has been properly processed someone from Burns FFA picks up the deer meat and students at Burns take it to UCAN. UCAN then distributes the meat to families in Cleveland County that are in need.
By harvesting and distributing this deer meat we are helping to solve two problems 1) The overpopulation of deer in Cleveland County and 2) The hunger of Cleveland County citizens.
In this fight against hunger in Cleveland County we will definitely need money. We will ask both companies and individuals to give a donation of at least $70 since that is how much it takes for a deer to be processed. Of course any donation will be highly appreciated and we, at Burns, and UCAN will thank you sincerely.  We strongly encourage you to participate in this momentous project by either donating a deer or donating money, because we believe “Together we can make a difference!”
Please make checks payable to:
Burns FFA HHH Project
Mail to:
Burns High School Agriculture Dept.
307 East Stagecoach Trail
Lawndale, NC 28090
For further information text or call after 4:00pm Dustin Ledford, Burns FFA HHH Committee Chairperson at 828-448-7424 or Wells Jenkins Wells Processing at 828-245-5544; Located at 145 Rollins Rd, Forest City, NC