Foothills Quilters Guild artisans sew and stitch for good causes

by Michael E. Powell

Foothills Quilters Guild artisans sew and stitch for good causes

Christi Scheffel and her talented friends, members all of the Foothills Quilters Guild that meets monthly at the Ascension Lutheran Church in Shelby, love using their talents for good causes.

And what better causes can there be than to give to those in want or great need?

As she noted recently, "We are involved in a number of charity projects for the community. We have close to 300 pillowcases that are about to be delivered to Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte. In addition, we make quilts for oncology patients and Hospice."

The Guild (website: generally meets at 7 p.m., on the third Thursday of each month at Ascension Lutheran Church (300 North Lafayette St., Shelby), she noted, adding, "The exact day may change due to holidays and the scheduling of guest speakers."

Scheffel said a member of the Guild, who was also a member of the church when the Guild began to grow in the 90's, made the arrangements to rent the space and they have been there ever since.

Scheffel said one of the original charter members had a different take on how they got to Ascension.

"She now lives in Raleigh but this is what she said, 'We began at the Home Extension building (and) decided we needed more room for meetings and workshops. We asked Ascension Church and they kindly gave us a key and allowed us to use their facility. It has been a good relationship.'"

She noted the group currently has about 45 members, but hopes to get more.

Scheffel said, "I think the biggest reason for the drop in membership is age-related. So many members have passed away or been forced to move in with relatives. Our goal is to get new members. We want the community to know we are alive and thriving. I feel like quilting has long been thought of as your grandmother's world but it doesn't need to be looked at that way."

She continued, "I have one additional thought (on the loss of members); a lot of our members have not returned since the COVID-19 shutdown."

The Guild members know there are quilters or folks out there who want to learn and they want them to know they are here for them; to teach them how to quilt.

The Guild, chartered in 1986 by a group of approximately 20 women, said Scheffel, gathers together to share their love of quilting. It has grown over the years and their many members live in nearby counties in both North Carolina and South Carolina.

Their purpose, she said, is to "...promote and preserve the art of quilting and to provide opportunities for learning and sharing ideas."

The Guild is comprised of President Amy Hudson; Susan McCarty (Programs VP); Cathey Earls and Micki Clemmens (Memberships VPs); Cathey Earls (Recording Secretary and Historian); Robin Parton (Treasurer); Mikki Clemmens (Corresponding Secretary); Christi Scheffel (Librarian); Yvonne Buchan (Newsletter); and Barb Bacatti (Webmaster). Board Members at Large are: Ginny Huntley; Donna Hartley; Nellie Harrell; Rita Fowler; and Barb Bacatti.

"Twenty-six quilts went to Foster Care, 11 Twin-size quilts were divided between the Hospices in Cleveland and Rutherford Counties; and finally, 41 lap quilts were delivered to Shelby Oncology for patients undergoing treatment," she said, adding, "Every year is different."

The Guild plans a Quilt Show to be held Friday and Saturday, Oct. 7, and 8, at the Arts Council, noted Christi, who added, "Of course, this may depend on COVID, but we are planning on it."

The group can be reached at and they have a Facebook page at FoothillsQuiltersGuild/Facebook as well.