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Bible Study: To Win Favor With the Lord
What must I do? As this question was asked, many say “I do nothing”. (Not True). First, according to how old you are when you let the Lord know that you care about your soul. Some make up their mind to go to a denominational church. Most will awake you to why you are there. If not, go to a different church. Let me say that you do not have to be in church to be saved. Some have testified to being in a cotton field working. Some in their home. One man told me that he received the Holy Ghost Baptism (that comes to some after they are saved) in the cock pit of his plane. Reborn means you changed spiritual Fathers. You are not Saved or Reborn until this happens to you. You can not do enough good things to pay your way. Some new bibles say live right and go to Heaven. King James Version bible says live Righteous and go to Heaven. Jesus as Your Lord can make you righteous. Jesus says those that are not for us are against  us, there is no middle road to stay on. The choice is ours to make. Some say church is ours to make. The truth is when he saves you, you are the church he gave his life for. No building, you can dedicate it only to be used to worship him in. He is pleased if it is Holiness. Paul writes in Hebrews without holiness no one will see the Lord. That happened to him three days after his Damascus Road experience. When you study the bible notice that all things of the world belong to the devil and his cohorts. First, ask how did you get it? That question you must answer. No, but do you have it, do you feel condemned? Go straight to the Lord, ask from the heart and he will forgive you. Pray until you feel free from the world. Now that the Lord has set you free from your sins, tell it to someone else.

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