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Bruce Camp's Local Fishing Report Dec 12, 2013 Edition
Bruce Camp's Local Fishing Report Dec 12, 2013 Edition
Bass Casters
The Bass Casters fished their December event Sunday on Lake Wateree. A nasty, cold misty, rainy day kept catches down. Tom Gavin picked up the win with 8.6 followed by Brandon Scarborough with 7.11. Randy Scarborough had 4.5 and took third and fourth went to Ricky McKenny with 2.9. Brandon Scarborough had big bass of the day with a 3.10 largemouth. The Bass Casters will fish Lake Murray next, on January 19 from 8am til 4 pm.
Bass Caster Federation
The Bass Caster Federation club has had two events since last report. The first was on Mountain Island Lake, with Chuck Camp getting the win with 8.20, he also had big bass of the day with a 3.62 largemouth. Blair was second with 6.74 followed by Gene Sparks with 5.46. Chris Hoopaugh had 4.58 and took fourth and fifth went to  Mark Swink with 3.30. Last weekend the BCF was on Lake Wylie and once again Chuck Camp showed the way with a catch of 8.56. He was followed by Austin ‘Smiley’ Petty with 6.50 and Larry Flemning with 6.12. Derek Angel had 6.06 and was fourth and fifth with 5.20 was Mark Swink. Tyler Hoopaugh had big bass with a 3.86 largemouth. They will fish Lake Hickory on January 18 from 8am til 4pm. This ended the year for the Bass Caster Federation club and the top 6 will now advance to the State Tournament, which will be decided at a later date. Those 6 are, Chuck Camp 302, Chris Hoopaugh 275, Mark Swink 233-those 3 will advance as ‘boaters’. The next 3 will advance as ‘non boaters’, they are Derek Angel 230, Tom Gavin 219, Butch Carter 201. The BCF claimed second in the State event last year and look to improve on that this year. Best of luck guys!
If anyone has any suggestions on stories or pictures of their catch or kill, you can e-mail me at brucencracefancamp@gmail.com. TITLE THE E-MAIL STORY OR PICTURE “FOR SHOPPER” OR I WILL ASSUME IT’S JUNK MAIL AND NOT OPEN IT.

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