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Cleveland County Arts Council Celebrates Renovations
Cleveland County Arts Council Celebrates Renovations

Violet Arth
In 1916 a Colonial Revival Style building was built to house the Cleveland County Post Office at 111. S. Washington St., Shelby. Soon, the Cleveland County Arts Council will celebrate its’ 25th anniversary in that location.
In 1991, Barbara Brock, an artist and patron of the arts herself, began a campaign to create the Cleveland County Arts Council. Today after a $70,000 renovation, the Council is brighter, more comfortable, warm, and friendly. The current President, Shearra Miller said: “We’re delighted with the renovations and grateful to all our supporters. It allows us to continue our mission to be an important part of our community.”
Terry Brown spearheaded a campaign for the much needed renovations. An outpouring of local support made the facelift happen. New carpet, fresh paint in the gallery, offices and outside, new track lighting throughout, solar shades on the upper windows, new exterior windows, redecorated restrooms and added touches to further promote art in a more conducive setting, have all been completed. Renovations for the downstairs are in future planning. The upgrade is most appropriate for the building, which will soon be 100 years old and such an important part of Cleveland County’s history.
 As I took a guided tour from a very proud Shearra Miller, I found everything refreshing and rewarding. As you enter to your left, the gift gallery has been enlarged and is a great place to shop for creative endeavors. On the side next to the offices, toiletries for personal use leads to a book section featuring local artists. Within the galleries, stroll on plush carpeting and take time to view the offerings of more than 40 artisans. Be sure to visit the Arts Council while the holiday mood is still in the air.   
M.A. Andrews

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