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Bible Study: Do That Which Is Good
Notice the title! You have got to make a decision and stick with it, as the saying goes “through thick and thin”. Do your part and the Lord will see you through. Not saying that the road won’t be rocky sometimes. When it is too smooth, sometimes it can slip away. Just don’t let it overtake you. Just put up your head with your head bent down and pray to the one above and he will hear you and I can promise you that things will straighten out in some way. If the road has been clear and is that way now, sometime later on you can look back and say what a lesson you have learned. I can assure you that you will be closer than before and you can feel it, that is Jesus your Lord’s way. Now get a hold of a good Bible, non mans words. Ask the Good Lord to help you understand what you read. Always remember that with the Lord. As he told the disciples he will give you the meaning. And then the learning is simple. On average 10% education = 90% revelation. The answer comes with rejoicing in hope; patience in tribulation, and continuing in prayer. Then you can do as a good Bible says.
Romans 12:21 says: “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good”. The Lord is forever waiting on the good to come through. Try to do good or help someone who doesn’t like you. The writer has done this a few times, and I can promise you that the Lord will let you know someway that he likes that, because you have shown him what you have in you from him. You have shown your Lord that you know how to overcome evil with good the same as he had to do. As the song says “I Got Glory in my Soul” and as Jesus did there on the cross, with them laughing and making fun he was dying so that they could get forgiveness and meet him in Heaven. We have to take stock in ourselves. Ask a question. What am I doing, is it pleasing to the Lord? If the answer is no, get things straightened out quick. Never be slothful with the Lord. Always rejoicing in hope, patience and tribulation. If prayer is needed, be instant in prayer. Don’t mess around where prayer is needed.

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