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Bible Study: Do You Know The Love of Christ?
Do You Know The Love of Christ? That seems to be a simple question. So many will say, sure I do and they have never been saved. The Permission of Christ will let you live in a sinful body, never mistake that as True Love. You have it in your will to tell your brain what to do. Your brain must know what your body wants first to act on it. This is why some steal and curse their way down to the bottomless pit as it is known by many. To the believer THE PLACE IS KNOWN AS HELL and TO STAY OUT OF.
When a soul has been saved, he no longer wants to talk or mention a place called Torment. It’s to a Born Again Believer, a real thing that he has been saved from and he or she wants to share the happiness with others. Tell them what a Joy it is to be Reborn into the Bosom of Christ with others. Most people never really know what Living with Jesus is like, because they won’t turn loose of the world.
There never has been a time that you can serve both Christ and the Devil at the same time, and there never will be. You get to make the Choice. When Death comes to your body and your SOUL TAKES OFF HOME, you have already made the choice of where it will go.
Keep in mind that you are a SOUL with a body as a carrying case known to us with Veins and Nerves to help guide us HOME.
The question is...Has the reader made the Choice? The writer did OVER 60 YEARS AGO. What Joy, WHAT JOY!!

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