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Bible Study: Not First
I am writing this to clear up a lot of preaching today. When our God uses the word hate it is one way of saying not first. To someone who is not his choice or one who does not listen.  He will not listen to the truth when told for his benefit. A good example is in Romans 9:13: “As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.” A good bible says that Esau hated Jacob because he did not get the blessing that Jacob got.
You may be surprised as I was when I found that hated was used in twenty-two books of the bible. First always is one who has been redeemed, born again, saved. God says you are my children, true saints of mine. Hate has been destroyed and love has taken over. Why? You have been redeemed by the blood that was shed that day on Mt. Calvary. That was the day Jesus suffered for you sins, and paid the price that you did not have to suffer. All people that are of age must recognize this and confess me for Salvation to be in heaven. The Lord says I change not. Could that be why I find the word few in twenty-five books of a good bible. It is time to preach the whole bible and let the people know what is at stake with their soul. I  remember hearing preachers say “let’s dig a little deeper in the well”. Out would come some Holiness and you could feel the people drawing up and The Lord working, and not long some would be at the alter and others down with them praying for them to be saved. At that time the pastor would open the door of the church for new members and one or more would join. The writer personally talked to one on this night and the church took the man in as a member. He had come to the church for a long time. Being reborn does make a difference. Yes, the difference from torment to heaven where praising is the talk of the day.

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