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Bible Study: Peace With God Through Jesus Christ
When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord, we can have peace with God. Without this peace you can not get into Heaven. Many say a Peace that Passes all understanding. In conversation I said it is God’s way or no way. Many churches pick their way according to what the preacher says. It is good to be in the church and be saved there. Many are saying you had to be in the church to be saved. Not true. Good to be, yes. You do not have to be in church to receive Holy Ghost Baptism. Good to be, yes. I have heard testimonies saying different places for both. Your testimony is what counts with the maker of all mankind. Your place, that was up to the Maker also. In most cases the church sets the foundation. Let’s don’t forget that when you are saved, you are the church that the Saviour of all mankind died for. It is time that we get to work and get others between the church walls so as to get them started on the right road. You have a testimony when you are talking to someone. That is a good time to tell them what happened to you and where it happened. Don’t forget to always find out if you are talking to a Born again Christian.

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