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Bible Study: The Word Spirit is used to Carry Good News
When the Spirit of Jesus or God is USED, it means that it is in transit or movement. When this Spirit lands or is consumed, it is the Holy Ghost that causes this to happen.
THE SPIRIT, WHEN CONNECTED TO A LIVING GOD, WILL CONDEMN A SINNER BEFORE THEY CAN BE SAVED OR EXCEPTED, because the Spirit is Holy and because Jesus and His suffering on the cross at Mt. Calvary, causes all this to be true and helpful.
Jesus died a terrible death so that we can be with Him and all the Holy Souls in Heaven. We are not asked to pay a price, only accept Jesus as Saviour when the Holy Spirit convicts us. After we are Saved by Faith through Jesus Christ, we must tell others what the Lord has done for us and live a Christian life daily so that when others see us, they can see Jesus in us. After being Saved, the Lord can mold you into a vessel that He can use to reach others for Him. You can study God’s Word and learn how we are supposed to live and please Him everyday. You don’t have to attend school, but if God wants to use you and you need more education, He will supply a way for you to go. Your Saviour is the Greatest Teacher ever.
All He asks is for you to get a Good Bible, as the King James Red Letter Edition, and study so that He can help you. Just listen to Him. YOU’LL KNOW WHEN HE IS HELPING YOU AND IT WILL BE TRUE. To a lot of people, it will be different than what you have heard. Stay with the Lord’s Teaching from the good Bible. Always trust the good Spirit and it will never lead you wrong. Just remember when the Right Spirit is in transit or moving, The Holy Ghost is in Action.

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