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Bible Study: This Is The Day The Lord Has Made....
Recently, I was talking about my outlook on life. I made the statement that I tried to enjoy life over fifty years ago. I might say that I tried to hold onto the same day, today at 93. That is to enjoy life and whatever happens in life to enjoy it if possible. I realize some things are impossible to enjoy. We have to use some common sense in everything. Sometimes things happen to us and we can say I will try to profit and learn from it so that it may help me later on in life. The first and hardest thing is to be content where you are in life. The next thing is to master money, don’t let money handle you. It can slay you if it controls you. Never look at money in amount, but instead only to satisfy a debt or to make a purchase. Then forget about it.
If you are sick in bed, maybe it is for your own benefit. Look ahead to the next week or month, I have to look ahead for six months or a year and live in that time not in the present. Win against yourself.
I mentioned when I volunteered that I was laughing as we went down the road, and I was criticized for it. For instance, on bivwac maneuvers, in a pup tent laying on the ground, I enjoyed it because I was dry. When you lay down out there at night, it’s cold but you have blankets to stay warm. The next morning, you can see a frost line around you, but you were not cold. In Italy, I remember crawling under some farmers haystack and I was able to be safe and warm. I did enjoy that night. More than one night, when it rained so much you thought it was never going to stop, going down at night and crawling under the bank with honeysuckle vines hanging over the front that acted as a door. Hearing the rain water run down and go on down the hill. Yes, I enjoyed that because I had outsmarted the rain. I recalled walking guard somewhere in Italy and the snow was hitting me in the face. I thanked God that I was able to preform my duties and that some day or night I would be able to sleep all night as I did in the past. When I was on my way to the Philippines repaired the ship’s master clock. I enjoyed doing that. I was told that it pushed eighteen others that I could be of service, because it was really needed. Yes, I did enjoy that. When I was hurt in the Philippines, I recalled saying to myself this will go away and I will be back on my feet as usual someday soon. Maybe this will end soon and we can go home. I could go to church on Sundays. In fact, I told that to two soldiers on my way to Seattle, WA. They laughed at me. Thank God I did live to do that. I was saved in 1947. My weight was only 109 pounds. I had suffered so much in and out of hospitals. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance. I had lost fifty eight pounds in two years and I was past walking. Now the Lord decides to give it back to me one pound a day. I was back on my feet. To this day, I weigh 150 lbs. About my life, I have to say I am glad. Later on my Lord called me to preach. And in 1999 I got to teach, speak, and preach on radio broadcasting to ten thousand listeners. I just cannot praise the Lord enough. Amen.

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