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Bible Study: Twenty-Seven Christian Soldier Ethics
1 - To uphold and defend the Christian way of life.
2 - As a single church unit, to lift up a Savior to a lost world.
3 - To spread peace and goodwill to all denominations.
4 - To hold and to maintain Christ as Savior at all cost.
5 - To hold onto the doctrine of the Savior, we must be born again.
6 - To pull away from the world and lust and to seek and find help for others.
7 - To always seek a deeper insight with the Savior of all mankind.
8 - Try to never lie down until you have talked to the Savior.
9 - The winning team is God  First - the other fellow second, me third.
10 - Stay prayed up and ready to go up at a moment’s notice.
11 - Making things that seemed impossible yesterday come true today.
12 - To love others regardless of what they say, think of the Cross.
13 - The perfect will of our God is to stay sin free. No shortcomings.
14 - Holiness always slays out sin. Think of your Savior’s policy.
15 - Where holiness is, love does aways abound.
16 - The kingdom of God is formed here on earth, his footstool.
17 - Don’t let death slip up on  you.
18 - Don’t forget you are the carrier, not the other person.
19 - God put the responsibility on you. What are you doing about it.
20 - Use the key. Stay prayed up and ready to go up.
 21 - Remember our Savior can always use another preacher.
22 - Let Him do the calling first.
23 - Remember this, He makes no mistakes.
24 - Attendants that get into Heaven are first assembled here on earth.
25 - Use an authentic Bible. To study in depth is 1% education and 99% revelation.
26 - What joy when we can say, “Praise the Lord, Home at last.”
27 - Now, let’s have a meal with Abraham, Issac and Jacob, as promised.

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