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Bible Study: Veil, No, Holy Ghost, No Veil Needed
Just what are we talking about. In Exodus, it says the veil shall divide unto you between the Holy Place and the Most Holy. There was a veil between these two places and the Most Holy Place was forbidden to ordinary believers of God. Only the appointed High Priest could go in one time a year and only under strict conditions. He had to ask forgiveness for himself and then for the people. A rope was tied around his leg before he went in. He was to keep moving. The rope was to drag him out if he fell dead while behind the veil. In the Old Testament we were under the law. Our Lord and Savior looked at them as a curse. We must understand that we can not have the Holy Ghost and the Veil at the same time. God’s Spirit and righteousness could be accounted to any who worshiped the true God, just as righteousness was accounted to Abraham for believing in God. Only with our Savior’s help can you be filled with our Savior’s resurrrected Holy Ghost Baptism. Have you reached this position with your Savior? With the veil gone as a born-again-SAVED person you can have direct communication as the High Priest had when he went behind the veil. Our Savior in sacrificing His life did away with this veil and accomplished what no man could do. He split the veil from the top to bottom. Now we are able to pray to Him and He takes it to God. No way can you get to God and intentionally leave Jesus out. It works the same way if you intentionally just want to only pray, or just Worship Jesus and leave God out. In John 5:30. Jesus said, “I seek not my own will, but the  will of the Father which sent me.” Now listen to the truth of Christianity. Jesus said, “If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true.” With that let’s move into the real worship and say we can not do it alone. We have to believe in Christ as our Savior before He can save us from the devil. We have to believe that we are healed before we can get healed by the Savior of all mankind. He gives us some faith to walk with, a Spirit to praise with and energy to overcome, while marching toward Heaven, shouting the praises of God in our heart and soul. All born again saints are kings and priests.

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