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Bible Study: What Good Is The Word?
Jesus said the Word will set you free. We have all heard the saying, “Handle with Kids Gloves”.  So must the Word of God be handled. It should not be spoken with no push behind it. How is your testimony? How are you living? Do you represent Jesus as if you were Him? Keep in mind if you have been reborn, saved from the devil’s way of life, Jesus’ spirit is living in you. Jesus said one day, if you are reborn, you are not of the world, even as He is not of the World.
Jesus wants nothing to do with the sinful world, and with His help, we should be the same. Jesus sends people into the world to tell and to teach that there is a better way of life to live and closes with a granted Reward called Heaven. Yes, the Word of God is more powerful than any two edged sword when it is used for the right purpose it is intended for. It is easy for us mortals to find that to be true and to go right on teaching and preaching the Word from a good Bible (as the King James Red Letter edition). Why this Bible? It is not the opinion of some other person. When they copied it from the scrolls, they actually risked their lives. The Bible is not like any other book to study. When a well-educated person finds that out, it brings a smile to their face, because they know that they have been in touch with the God of Glory. Jesus must teach you. We serve a true and faithful Savior. He is always ready to help.

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