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Bible Study: You Can Know Your Saviour
A lot just guess at teaching, thinking that God has called them and you hear them give their opinion. Not willing to study and give the Lord a chance to help out. The Lord want’s to help out. He will come at his right time. Every teacher and preacher, when speaking to a crowd in public, should be able to back all that he says with a King James Version of the Word of God, not just your opinion. I was complimented one day on that by a Baptist preacher. Where most come up short is in Parables. I heard three in one day come up short on the prodigal son. And one even said that God was the prodigal. Neither I, or any other person has a right to their own idea what is meant by a certain parable. God told the disciples to wait on him to show them. While we are on this question, I see no reason that he should show them to a sinner, look who he spoke them to. And told them why he spoke some parables. It was for them to understand. Today we hear about many different languages. Could it be that parables are God’s language? There is no one smarter than a Holy God. And only one on or in all the earth. Any intelligence that we have has to come through or by him. And we get to make the choice. He knows the future before it happens. And he tells us what will happen at our time because He gave us breath and SOUL to live on for a while and let us live long enough to make the right decision. If not, He makes it for us. What a loving God we have to worship with.

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