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“Music is an art. The instrument the brush…the song a canvas…the result the inspiration of the soul…It should never be tainted by competition, greed, or the negative aspects of an industry bent on profit. “  Ric DeLozier 

Rockhard Distributors is a company that supports the music distribution of local bands. Ric DeLozier has spent most of his life as a musician. After many years of being on the road, dealing with greedy music industry representatives, he discovered where all the money was going. As an artist or a band, only 8% of the net income was going to the people who actually created the music, recorded the music, and went out and performed the music.  A couple years ago, while working as a studio musician in Atlanta, DeLozier decided to become an independent music distributor. Distribution is getting the music to the public. Rockhard sells music available in digital downloads as a CD Baby affiliate, as well as in 65 stores between Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. In addition to distribution, Rockhard offers CD manufacturing, promotion, and can network artists with a number of services including recording studios, graphic designers, photographers, and agents from all over the Southeast. Unlike the music industry tycoons, Rockhard is not in it for the money. DeLozier states, “You won’t find that anywhere else…where the artist is more important than the machine...(and) we allow our artist to record free from any restrictions musically or lyrically…Most of the work that is done for the 50+ bands that we currently work with is carried out by volunteers who feel the same as I do and are passionate about independent artists being able to earn a living outside of the clutches of the ‘big machine’ that the industry has become.” Within the next 5 years, Rockhard plans to expand to physically distributing across all of North America, focusing on artist from the Cleveland County and Rutherford County areas because DeLozier believes, “We make some of the best music in the world right here at home.”



Ric DeLozier

               3820 West Dixon Blvd.

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Calling all students songwriters, musicians and singers!  We are looking for submissions to be showcased in our Cleveland County Artists feature:
email me at justin@cfmedia.info for more details.


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