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“Don’t you worry ‘bout what you need to make it through/With Jesus on your side you can’t loose/”   

from “Keep Looking Straight Ahead” by Stephen Wallace

Stephen Wallace sang his first solo leaning on a washing machine in Santa Ana, CA. From that church service, held in his family garage, he got his first taste of performing and was inspired to pursue playing the piano. Since then, Wallace has used his inspiration to help others. He is a songwriter, singer, keyboardist, public speaker, and music theory instructor. His CD, “There’ll Be Jazz in Heaven,” is a collection of original jazz songs. He declares, “Deciding which of my over 300 songs was an issue at the time. One day I made a call to consult someone about this issue; that night I had a dream. In this dream I met a producer who said, "...do the jazz..." I acted upon this as a sign from God. My premise for this project, is based on the idea that every nation and tongue are included in heaven (Revelation 14:6) and on the understanding that God is eternally cool!” The CD features a vast array of jazz styles, tastefully arranged by Wallace and tracked with some of Nashville’s greatest artists. As a speaker, he firmly believes that we can find our ‘true identity’ in the fact that our individuality is what makes us important and being created in the image of God provides us with empowerment and value. His CD can be purchased online at www.cdbaby.com/slwallace, iTunes, Amazon, etc. If you would like to have Stephen Wallace perform, speak to your group, or seek his counsel on music theory/songwriting, he will be honored to serve you! Call 704-300-5255 or email stephew1@bellsouth.net


Calling all students songwriters, musicians and singers!  We are looking for submissions to be showcased in our Cleveland County Artists feature:
email me at justin@cfmedia.info for more details.


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