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“WE are the music makers…and WE are the dreamers of dreams.”
                                                                                    ~Willy Wonka
God knows we love our children. With recent tragedy, as we seek comfort in this unpredictable world, many turn to music. Even the quiet kids listen to music. Although some may not be as outgoing or expressive socially, music is often a major factor in their life. Music is a universal language: a communication beyond words and pictures, toweling deep into our hearts. Music can fuse the interconnectedness that the world lacks. When politics can tear a nation apart, music is the mending glue that helps us stick together.
So what do you listen to?
Do you remember the old idiom, ‘You are what you eat’? Does it apply to music as well? The things you consume become a part of you. Whether it’s an extra piece of pizza or a song on the radio. What kind of music are you putting in your body? It is not my intent to criticize any genre or imply that music is responsible for the horrible actions that take place in our society. Rather, music is the soundtrack for YOUR life; it reflects and inspires the feelings of the listener. Music can be used as a tool for change and a spark of motivation.
As an educator and a songwriter, I have become disheartened with popular music over the last decades. Society has grown intertwined through technology, but the music industry seems to have focused on glamour and glitz of artists and left the message of peace at the wayside.
Do not fear! Music is still alive and strong within our own community. Remember that music is not only what you see on TV, buy from iTunes, or hear on the radio. It is in the bird’s song and the wind in the trees. It is the sound of a grandmother’s sweet voice and a baby’s cry. It is EVERYWHERE and it is YOUR decision.

Calling all students songwriters, musicians and singers!  We are looking for submissions to be showcased in our Cleveland County Artists feature:
email me at justin@cfmedia.info for more details.

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