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Cross Words: A Full Life
We build buildings, companies, houses and schools. We construct families, relationships, homes and lives.  We are people of action. We are doers. We set and validate our lives around accomplishments.
The Bible is rife with individuals of great accomplishment. Cities and kingdoms and nations were brought to life and overseen by men and women called and commandeered of God. Churches and temples soared skyward by divine instruction. Family lineages were started and protected because of a higher calling.
Impressive resumes were built by the likes of David, Solomon, and Saul. And yet the greatest biography of any man was reserved for a man named Enoch. Do you know what he pulled off? Any idea what amazing achievements he was known for? The Bible simply says that “he walked with God” (Gen. 5:21).
We place too much emphasis on the outer man. We are consumed with how much we get done each day. We grade our lives on what we have to show for our labors. We take pride in what others say of us. We feel a need to be known for something. Anything.
No question. We have been instructed to accomplish something 6 out the 7 days of each week. And much of what we do is noble and necessary. Yet even more important is what we don’t do. The most monumental times of our lives are spent quietly, reflectively, submissively before God. To do “nothing” sometimes is the best thing.
One day there will be nothing left of our earthly accomplishments. They will rust and rot. Deteriorate and be destroyed. They will be discarded and wasted. The only thing left standing will be the relationship we have built with our Master. “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).

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