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Just what is "Open Mic Night"? It is a venue where all levels of musicians can participate in a live performance. No matter how young or old, "Open Mic Nights" are an opportunity for musicians and vocalists to showcase songs and talents in front of a crowd. Not to be confused with "Karaoke," where the words and music are provided to the participant, "Open Mic Nights" are for people who play an instrument or who can sing the words without the help of a TV screen. Even though it may seem complicated to play your own accompaniment, usually "Open Mic Night" musicians are glad to 'sit in' and help out newcomers. In other words, if you have a smartphone with the lyrics and enough bravery to get behind the microphone, this venue is for you! Usually people play about 15-30 minutes of music, which works out to about 4 or 5 songs. Cover songs are songs which have already been made famous by another artist. These songs are often well recieved because it familiar to the audience, however "Open Mic Night" is the best way to play original music in front of a real audience. Every Thursday at Applebee's of Shelby, Justin Harper hosts "Open Mic Night," starting at 9pm.

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