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Outdoor Truths: Aiming Outdoorsmen Toward Christ March 3rd
I have to admit that I like watching fishing on TV; Not the every day programs, but tournament fishing. The Bass Master’s Classic is one of my favorites. In those shows you really get to see different techniques and strategies that are used and which ones may work best on that particular day and in a particular environment. And you get to see the evolution of fishing.
 One of the aspects I have noticed is how fishing rods are continually being constructed in a way that enhances one’s ability to feel the most sensitive bites. In the past, the difference was in the material the rod was made out of. Now not only are the rods more sensitive in reference to the material, but they are different in design, mainly in the grip area. It is thinner. Again, all for the purpose of enhancing our ability to feel.  This smaller grip keeps a fisherman from gripping too tightly and thus increases his sensitivity to the slightest tug on the rod.
 This thought process has also influenced the design of the newest bows in the archery field. Here the grips are smaller to encourage an archer from gripping so tightly that he causes the bow to torque one way or the other so that he misses the target. The word of the day in fishing and hunting is “For the best results, hold things loosely.”
 Not only is this true in the outdoor world, but it is true in my own little world as well. I have found for the best results, I must hold to things loosely. I’m not talking about people or relationships, but “things” – those possessions that I have been entrusted with – those things that can become my god instead of God.
 I have discovered the more I have to trust in God the easier it is for me to hold to things loosely. I have enjoyed this aspect of faith. When I have held to things too tightly, I have discovered a torque. It is one that causes me to miss the real target of why I’m here. When I have held too tightly I have also discovered that I am less sensitive to the work of God around me. I am unable to clearly feel the tug of God on my heart and life.
 How’s your grip on “things?” Is it so strong that you are tired from holding on? Is it so tight that you can only feel your own pain from the grip, and not sense the pain of others? If the answer is yes, then you’re missing out on an unexplainable freedom, unlimited blessings, and an indescribable peace.
 Ask God today to loosen your grip and you will enjoy the things He gives you more fully.

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