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Sheriff Norman Announces Safe Schools Task Force
Sheriff Alan Norman has announced that he is forming a “Safe Schools” task force to revisit current plans and make upgrades accordingly. Sheriff Norrman says “The tragedies that are occurring throughout our nation are unfortunate. We can never assume that Cleveland County is immune. We have emergency plans for our schools, but I believe these plans cannot be revisited too often.” Sheriff Norman has asked each law enforcement agency in the county to have a representative on the task force as well as a representative from Emergency Management, EMS, and the school system.
Sheriff Norman would also like to get citizens involved with this task force. Sheriff Norman says “I would like to have a parent from each school in the county to be on this task force. I always think it is a good idea to have citizens involved. Having a parent from each school would only be a plus.” The Sheriff’s office has put together an application packet for parents who are interested in the task force. Any parent wishing to participate can contact Captain Joel Shores at 704-476-3053.

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