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Show The World You Care
Let’s think of our Nursing Homes for a few minutes.
Nursing Homes give our loved ones care and support during their illness until able to go home or provide them with a lifetime home.
Have you had a loved one in a Nursing Home or have one in there now? When you ask a Nursing Home Resident what they want, they all say “Just come and visit me sometime.” They long for someone to talk and visit with them. Maybe even read the Bible to them.
When I was about 8, we had several older couples in our neighborhood who did not have any children. My friend and I would go visit, sing and read the Bible to them. I remember how happy they were while we were there. They started looking forward to our visits. My friend and I looked forward to going as well because we could see the joy in their faces, but we were the ones who received the most joy because we could make someone happy for a short while. We felt like we made a difference in their lives.
We want to give that same joy to you by asking you to visit the residents in our Nursing Homes. If you have an hour a month, it would make a big difference to someone who isn’t able to go out or has very few visitors.
The Neal Senior Center also need volunteers to serve on the Nursing Home Community Advisory Committee. If you would like more information about the NHCAC or if you or your group visits residents and has a story or experience to share with the Nursing Home Community Advisory Committee please, contact: Kerri Melton, County Manager’s Office at 704 484-4800 or Ginger Poteat, NHCAC Member at 704 482-5777, after July 1, 2014.

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