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Tenderhearted, Kind, & Forgiving
As I search through the Bible I find this as the makeup of any person that amounted to anything with God’s blessing. Look at Abram, our God changed him to Abraham the Riches. Gen. 3:17. In spiritual birth, God said to Abraham in thy seed shall all the kindreds of the earth be blessed - meaning for Jesus to come in the line of Abraham.
Then we come across a young man by the name of Joseph, who was tenderhearted but strong willed. He was by God’s help put in to a job to save the country of Egypt. We know that Moses was tenderhearted and Moses was not a weakling. He believed in God so much that God told him his name. When asked who sent me, God said I AM sent you. I AM that I AM sent you.
The we come across a man named David. We look at David as a shepherd or a king. God called him a prophet and set up repentance by what he did. The Bible says Godly sorrow worketh repentance. David testifies to crying into his pillow all night. God forgave him of something very bad. David listened to the flesh against his better judgement. Paul brings this out in Romans 7:14-18. Read these verses slowly. Think of the patience that a man like Brother Paul had to have. So tenderhearted, he forgave the people who treated him like a dog or even worse. Look at John - nobody more tenderhearted. He was close to Jesus and known as the youngest Disciple and God gave him Revelations. Plus three other books we know of.
Let’s look at us today. Those tenderhearted seem to not make rash judgments on others. They seem to have a slow judgement as if to say, “let’s wait and see” - and they are not Christians yet. This kind is easy to string out and they will not make foolish judgements against their fellow man. When this kind are born again - saved there will be many tears shed and the blessing seems to go much deeper at the start. It could be that they realize more deeply what has happened and the appreciation just shows more in their personality now that they have some of the Saviour’s spirit living in them.
Now the question arises, will they be called to preach or teach God’s Word? Let’s leave that up to the good Lord who does not make mistakes. The one thing that we do know is that the gifts and all callings of our Lord is without repentance. All Christians must stay sin free. Confess your Saviour to the public and salvation is yours to go to Heaven. To live a good Christian life, you must be prayed up and ready to go at any moment in your life now.

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