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Third Annual T & H Equipment Tractor Show a great success

"Good ole country gathering" for several of his friends to show their tractors.

For the past three years owner and operator Hal Patterson of T & H Equipment has hosted a tractor show at his place of business. It is something he really loves doing and all of his customers love it as well and get into it in a big way.

The business is located at 1721 South Post Rd., Shelby. Mr. Patterson said the show took place on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022.

Patterson said of this year's show, "The Tractor Show at T & H Equipment was a great success, with an amazing turnout."

The contest featured a large assortment of old and antique tractors, some cars and trucks, and a few of Mr. Patterson's customer's lawn tractors, complete with all the assorted features one needs in order to make sure their lawns and gardens look the best they can. Additionally, as they have every year, the Patterson's had hot dogs and hamburgers, snacks, and drinks, as well as several booths with many unique items for sale, said Hal.

Hal describes the event as "...sort of a gathering for several of my friends who have and show their tractors. It's just a good, ole country gathering."

They gave out tickets so folks could drop them in cups in front of the entries, voting on their favorites. The ones with the most tickets and so forth, he said, were declared winners; those being First Place winner Neal Stroup, who received a toy tractor in addition to a cap, a certificate, and a cash prize. Second place went to Timmy Brown for a tractor shown in memory of his late father, Ed Brown, and third place went to Martin Dover. The second and third place winners each received a cap, a certificate, and a cash prize as well, said Patterson.

While Mr. Patterson said it was their third year in a row, he and his family plan on doing it every year, "...for as long as I'm able to."

Hal and his family started the tractor show as a social event, "...where we could all get together, show off our tractors and equipment and just have a good time talking with each other. Like I said, it's just a good old country gathering."

T & H Equipment has been at its present location in Patterson Springs for four years, he said, but he noted they have been in the farm equipment business for a while now.

In addition to Hal and his wife, Rebecca; their daughter, Amanda, and granddaughter, Courtney Lucas, all have a hand in making sure everything flows smoothly at the shows, as well as the business.

Patterson said they have shown all brands of tractors, from a 1940s tractor, to Farmalls, Molines, and Fords to just about everything in between.

Though the weather was a bit cloudy, coming on the heels of what was left of Hurricane Ian, he said, "We had a good day; a good day!"

In conclusion, Hal said, "We would like to thank everyone who stopped by. We're looking forward to seeing everyone next year!"

To reach T & H Equipment for any information on what you might need for farming equipment or other items of like interest, call (704) 300-3071.

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