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Arts Council adds major talent to their Fine Arts Program

The Cleveland County Arts Council offers many creative art classes, which include jewelry making, paint and sip, barn quilts, and many other courses for adults and children. They have always pursued art education and offered it to those who are talented and love the world of art. There is nowhere that anyone can satisfy their artistic ambitions or begin to learn better than this great organization. They have now acquired the services of Shelby native Steve Greenway who is a major talent in the world of fine arts. He's teaching fine arts classes at the Arts Council on a one-on-one basis.
Steve went to Shelby High School, then East Carolina and finally received his MFA in Fine Arts from the famous Otis Art Institute in California. His background includes book illustrations, graphic design, teaching and private instruction. Steve was also employed as art director for Clyde A. Short and McDowell Technical Community College. His talents and advice has been much sought after and he played a pivotal part, believe it or not, in the budding career of the young entertainer, Scottie Thompson who the world knows as "Carrot Top". This successful entertainer is currently in Las Vegas as a headliner at the Lexor and is booked as the "Best Stand Up Comedian". Steve did most of his graphics and marketing as he began his career and they've been friends for years. Just another indication that Steve has quite a background of achievement.
This artist is intending to publish a book on visual arts this spring entitled "Basic Drawing Techniques". He has also won 14 PICA Awards and has owned his own company "Graphic Response" since 1999. Steve has had some his art collected by Max Factor and the California Attorney General, among others. He also designed ads for several Fortune 500 companies and studied with the noted Joe Mugnaini. His talent was spotted as far back as second grade when his teacher was so impressed with his work, she sent it to the State Museum in Raleigh. He received a Key Club Scholarship when he graduated Shelby High School and the beloved principal, Malcolm Brown advised him to stay in state and go to ECU where he received a degree in Art Painting and Sculpture. After getting his Master's Degree from the Otis Art Institute, he stayed in California for two more years and worked for Hanna-Barbera Productions.
Shearra Miller, President of the Arts Council said of this newest addition to the program: "Art education is our strongest outreach program and we are pleased to offer classes for both children and adults. Stephen Greenway is one of several art teachers working for us who do an excellent job helping others to uncover and expand their artistic talent. We are most fortunate to have him."
So, why did Steven Ray Greenway return to his home base in Shelby after all this success? The answer is simple. This is where he met his wife Denise and they married in 1978 at First Baptist Church in Shelby. Together they have three children, a daughter Meredith and sons Jonathan and Brooks. While family and friends keep praying for Denise, as she battles cancer, his commitment to her is his major priority.
As a man who never lets any grass grow under his feet, Steve is devoted in helping the fine arts program at our Cleveland County Arts Council. As he told a student repeatedly: "Creativity is a wonderful expression which you must constantly strive to achieve." Steve feels that he has never let anything stop him. Obstacles only make him stronger and he moves forward. You can sign up to take courses from this talented artist by calling: (704) 484-2787 or go online to www.ccartscouncil.org for other artistic endeavors.

Pictured: Art Instructor Steven Greenway with one of his works and student Connor Dendy.

- MA Andrews

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