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Bible Study: How Must I Love
The word must is in association with Love. We must be particular as to what we love. First, let’s separate friendship and love. You can be friendly with the world but not partake of the things that your Lord has condemned. They must be put aside to please Him, regardless of whatever it is. You can be friends with a person in your neighborhood. Even if you don’t drink you have a right to say something about their drinking. Just say it with a smile on your face. It will do much more good. This pleases the Lord.
I came up on a man who had some wrong ideas about being forgiven of his sins. Forgiven of your sins does not pay your own debts. He told me he was Saved, the Lord forgave it all. I had some time getting him to see that he must go satisfy the man he owed the grocery bill to. Some other men heard us talking. I had rather have been talking in private but when you are a God call person, He wants you to do and say what is right.
If you are the one who wants to get saved and your debts forgiven, you do not bargain with a merciful loving God that way.
We have people coming in from all different countries and this must be preached from the pulpit or others will be confused in what they believe. I have read about people worshipping mountains, even bats. All preachers have a bigger job before them now than ever before.

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