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Bruce Camp's Local Fishing Report April 21st edition
The retirees fished Lake Wylie last week with David O’Shields and Doug Sparrow getting the win with 11.0. Mack Wyatt and Johnny Christianberry took second with 10.55, and they anchored their catch with a 2.85 largemouth, which took big fish of the day. Tony and Mike Black had 9.70 and settled in third. This week the retirees head to Lake Norman.
Thirty boats fished last Thursday night’s weekly bass tournament on Moss Lake. Alan and Mark Pickleshimer picked up the win with 9.80. Johnny Guffy and Dustin Morehead had 9.01 and were second. Josh Yarbro and Matthew McKillop were a close third with 8.94 and in fourth with 7.01 was Jody Black and Travis Hamrick. Rounding out the top five was Allen McSwain and Larry Denton with 7.74.  Big bass of the evening was a 3.61 largemouth brought in by Richard McAbee.
Fishing Tips: by Matt Arey
Jerkbait Fishing…. All about the retrieve!
Never become a monotonous jerkbait fisherman… Always vary your retrieve until you get bit! - after getting your jerkbait down to the desired depth, experiment with different retrieves. Try fast, snapping, jerks followed by doing nothing but watching your line. Try sweeping the bait three or four feet then pausing for variable periods of time. Also, try retrieving the bait with fast jerks without ever letting it come to a complete stop. Whether it’s the time of year or certain weather conditions on that particular day, there will always be that something a little bit different that you can do with your retrieve that triggers a bite.  Just remember exactly what you were doing with the jerkbait when your initial bite comes, then you can begin establishing your pattern for the day.
Next week we will talk about the versatility of a jerkbait from the aspect of weighting them and fishing them as deep as 12-18 feet!
Sponsors I would like to thank for this week: ONE STOP FOOD STORES
If anyone has any suggestions on stories or pictures of their catch or kill, you can e-mail me at plail5@carolina.rr.com. TITLE THE E-MAIL STORY OR PICTURE “FOR SHOPPER” OR I WILL ASSUME IT’S JUNK MAIL AND NOT OPEN IT.

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