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Burns FFA Members Help Hungry in Cleveland County
Ethan Winkler, Burns FFA Chairperson of The Triple H Committee (Hunters Helping The Hungry) with U-CAN of Lawndale Volunteer, Sherry Lee. They are holding packages of processed and frozen deer meat.
This year the Burns FFA is continuing a program to benefit the community; the program is called HHH (Hunters Helping the Hungry). This program is designed, as the name suggests, to help provide for some of the less fortunate families in Cleveland County. Local deer hunters donate legally obtained meat to the program via “Red Road Deer Processing” in Shelby or “Droptine Deer Processing” in Cherryville; the processed meat is then picked up by Burns student(s) and delivered to the U-CAN Center in Lawndale. Our cooperating sponsors have agreed to give a reduced rate to assist with the cause and we have received a great number of donations from some very generous sponsors. While almost 530 lbs of meat has already been donated we are still in need of more donations of meat to insure the success and continuation of this program. We encourage all hunters in the area to help us give back to this amazing community, by sending in a donation of meat to be processed. As a way of showing our appreciation anyone donating meat will be given a T-shirt with a list of sponsors (anyone giving over $50) on the back; they will also be invited to a banquet at the time of the program’s completion. The meat donated will be placed in the U-CAN Bliss Center as a way of providing some of the needier families in the county with some assistance during these difficult times. According to the Bliss Center the arrival of deer meat so close to Christmas has really lifted some spirits, “Our clients are thrilled to be getting deer…the HHH program has been a tremendous help”, says Gary Lee.  It is wonderful to see all the hard work paying off and everyone here at Burns is very anxious to keep going in this aspiring task, please help us to give back to the amazing community that has helped to make us who we are.
     If you would like to donate deer meat to the program please either contact our President, Ethan Winkler (828-493-4688), or contact one of our processors directly (704-482-6253)- Red Road or (704-616-4772)-Droptine

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