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Carp Fishing.... Still A Favorite Local Pastime
In hopes to win some prize money, John Queen (left) and Wade Tyndall wait for a giant carp to take their bait. John’s been fishing at Midway forty-two years and Wade for eight.
   If you love to fish, one of your favorite places has got to be Midway Fishing Lakes #1 in Kings Mountain. In 1985 Calvin Crawford bought the Frank Shattle Farm”s location at 133 Midway Lake Rd., just off Hwy 74 bypass, between Shelby and Kings Mountain. At the time Calvin’s fifteen year old son, Keith, worked with him at the lake. Keith now owns and runs Midway #1 and his brother, Tony, runs Midway #2 located a 141 Sellars Rd. near Cherryville off Hwy. 216. Midway Lakes offer fun and tournament fishing for carp and catfish. It is the home of the world record 88 pound Buffalo Carp that Tony caught out of Lake Wiley on Nov.14, 1993. When you visit any Bass Pro Shop you can see a replica of the record carp hanging on their wall.
   For history buffs, you may find it interesting that competitive Carp Fishing originated in England. Paid fishing lakes in our area started many years ago as a means for mill workers and cotton pickers to eat. They would fill their cotton sacks with the fish they caught and then they were weighed.  Midway Lakes’ slogan is: “If they don’t bite today, they’ll bite tomorrow!” Most of the fishermen who come to Midway are known by their first name as Keith greets them and wishes them a good time and good catch. Keith has made his business, just like his dad did, a “feel good” place to be. For more information about Midway Lakes visit www.midwaylakes.com or call 704-739-1461.                                   

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