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CC EMS squad thanked for helping in delivery of family's "miracle" child

In August 2023 a Kings Mountain family welcomed their newest addition - a beautiful baby girl - thanks in part, they said, to the quick response and actions of members of the Cleveland County EMS squad.
Almost a year later, and to honor those who took part in coming to their aid during a very trying, and scary time, on May 21, 2024, family members and others met with that same Cleveland County EMS team who arrived and gave aid, and to thank them, as they said, "... for their part in saving the life of our granddaughter, Trissie Lee Messer, and taking care of mom, Shannon Messer, on a frantic night in August, 2023."
The 'thanks' took the form of a special cake and certificates for the team, which consisted of Telecommunicator Ben Green, Paramedics Michael Harris, Rhett Ballard, Jerron Daves, EMT Leann Mullinax, and Sergeant Jeremiah Allen.
Back in August 2023, little Trissie was born to unsuspecting parents Bruce and Shannon Messer. The couple had adopted two babies over 10 years ago, Shalee and Waylon, with Shannon having been told that she could never have children.
Shannon said they had always wanted a little girl, noting that after adopting their two children, they were very content and very happy. "We weren't expecting to have any more children," she added. She said she never experienced any morning sickness that would have indicated she was pregnant.
"We went out to eat earlier on Aug. 16, 2023 and my husband (Bruce) said I looked a little pale." Shannon said they came home and she experienced stomach pain and some stomach discomfort, causing her to feel as if she had to use the bathroom, she said. While doing so, she said her baby was born right there, in the bathroom. The couple immediately called for help which came in the form of some family members and a couple of EMTs.
Said mom Shannon, "Trissie was born at least two months prematurely and weighed only two (2) pounds and 8 ounces. She was in the neonatal ICU for over 100 days. Even though she had a lot of help, she also fought to be here!" She added her husband called her "Cupcake," because she wasn't much larger than one.
Family member Chad Gunter, Sr. said, "Unknowingly, we met with the EMS team during EMS Week (May 19-May 25). The team was very thankful, as people coming to meet with them is a rarity. They are very understanding, as they know they are usually with people on the worst days of their lives. They said they hardly ever hear of an outcome after care transfers away from them."
He continued, "I encourage anyone that receives service from hard-working first responders to show appreciation, as it is a surprisingly thankless profession."
The Messers said their older kids love their little sister, adding, "They are excited to have a little sister!" Shannon noted the two older siblings are both 11 and attend Kings Mountain Intermediate.
As for Trissie, Shannon said the doctors were amazed at her and at how she had no issues resulting from her premature birth, which came two months before her due date.
"Trissie now weighs over 15 pounds, and is a healthy and beautiful little girl!" Shannon said.
EMTs Michael Harris and Rhett Bullard were the first two on the scene of the delivery at the house, with Harris noting the call was "...itself different from our everyday calls. We didn't know what we were walking in to; we had no idea." Harris said he was the lead on the call but couldn't have done what he did without Bullard's help. "We're trained to be adaptive in all situations," he added.

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