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Cleveland Community College Hosts First ClubMed
Cleveland Community College recently hosted the inaugural ClubMed, in equal partnership with Cleveland County Schools and Cleveland Regional Medical Center. “We have been strategizing with CCS and CRMC since September to make this first ClubMed a great experience for students,” said John Lattimore, Dean of Business and Allied Health at CCC ClubMed is a week-long camp that introduces the world of allied health to rising high school freshmen across Cleveland County. The camp gave 18 students hands-on experience in the field of allied health, so that they could better understand jobs that are available in the industry.
“Nurses play a vital role in the health care industry, but not everyone can be a nurse. This program sheds light on other areas of the healthcare field that students may not know about,” said Lattimore.
Students were chosen by Career Technical Education Counselors in their high school. The club is also designed to make students aware of how crucial science is to their potential career in the health care field.
“ClubMed has provided a valuable opportunity for these students by creating a hands-on health-care experience. This gives a student a chance to see if health-care is an area to pursue or if another career field would be a better fit for them.  Either way it is a win-win for the student,” said Tony Fogelman, Director of Career and Technical Education at CCS. 
CRMC also played an important role, allowing students to come three days and tour their facilities. At CRMC students were able to see actual medical professionals working in a field that they may be working in one day. Students also toured Gardner-Webb University’s nursing school, to get a feel for what college is like for those who want to become medical professionals.
 Lattimore said that due to the success of the camp and student feedback; CCC, CCS, and CRMC plan to offer the program again next year.
Pictured: Tony Fogleman, Brittany Harnish, Carley Head, Rebekah Whitaker, Alazay Howze, Tanna Curry, Andi Morgan, Kendra Phillips, Lyida Byrd, Gwendolyn Hopper, Destinee McClain, Kenya Phillips, Abby Hansen, Alyssa Rogers, Katelyn Terry, Jessica Peeler, Nancy Bridges, Ashley Boling, John Lattimore. Not pictured:  Weston Shuford

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