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Tanner Denton Dec. 8, 2003-Dec. 18, 2013
  What is “Kid Needz”? Since age 3, Tanner Denton suffered with a disease called Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis or FSGS. This hereditary disease causes scarring of the kidneys and even leads to kidney failure. Tanner’s crucial need for a kidney inspired a movement to bring community awareness to his situation and raise funds to help offset the medical expenses, hence “Kid Needz” was born. Earlier this year, SongHarper.com held a songwriting contest to collect material for an album for Tanner. 6 lucky winners had their songs recorded and produced: Caleb Lail, Sandy Carlton, Billy Hall, John Glover, Chris Beach, and Jonathan Robinson. As a result of the contest, some established songwriters submitted their music for the CD, including Al Dunkleman and Chris Ferree of Shelby, NC. News of the contest even got to songwriters as far as Texas (David Tribble) and Michigan (Steve Hodnett). A few months into the project, the thought occurred that Tanner might have something to contribute to this CD. Support for Tanner quickly grew in the community. Thoughts and prayers spread like wildfire. Children were encouraged to draw their own version of the CD cover for the “Kid Needz” project. One lucky winner, Cate Oliver, was selected to have her artwork featured on the CD label. All other artwork received that night is included in a collage on the back of the CD cover. In January, SongHarper.com held a CD release party for Kid Needz at Open Mic Night at Newt’s restaurant of Shelby. The event was a time of healing and fellowship with Tanner’s friends and family.
   Do kids know something we don’t know? They perceive things so differently than adults. Maybe passing away from this earth is such a great thing, that we should all expect it with open hearts and smiles.
  The reason I work around kids is because there is a true ‘magic’ about them. That is, an innocent wisdom that can be studied and emulated. Tanner Denton was a truly unique child with a calm intellegence about him. Only those who met him know exactly what I mean, but believe me: He had IT. He sings the first song on a CD that was created to be a fundraiser of which he could go out and participate. God had other plans for this little boy. The words to his song are touching now deeper than ever. When I asked Tanner when he recorded the vocal track for his song, “What are you going to do when you get your new kidney? I mean what are you going to be when you grow up, Tanner?” He replied with his quaint voice, “I’m going to be a children’s nephrologist.” He wished to grow up and be the same kind of doctor that was helping him!

“There always hopes and dreams but everything else seems like it has to be real like a giant wheel
you just can’t stop from turning”
“Life is like a Ferris wheel, it just goes round and round” “Every dream in the world for every little boy and girl is to have the things that they deserve and to have the power to say...”
“Life is like a Ferris wheel it just goes round and round”                                   
–Tanner Denton

"Kid Needz CD's can be purchased at Newt's Modern Burger Joint in Shelby, NC for a minimum donation of $10. We hope to raise enough money to help with Tanner's medical bills. The night of the CD release we raised over $1100 in CD sales and donations. We need to raise about $5000 more to meet our goal of helping with just ONE medical bill that was over $6250. Please show that you care by donating more. Hurry because copies are LIMITED. You can learn more about Kid Needz at www.SongHarper.com

 By Justin Harper  •  Photos by Jeff Adams of NeoFilm Productions

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