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Local Fishing Report with Tammy Melton

The Carolina Bass Club fished Lake Lookout Saturday, Oct 17th. Six teams show up to fish.

1st place, the team of Phil Murray and Dean Ford won weighing in a catch of 10.68 pounds, they also won the big fish of the day award with a 5.35 pounder.

2nd place, the team of Keith McClure and Jr. Self with 7.56.

3rd place, was Russell Cook and Roger Clark with 6.04.

They welcomed Tim Thomas and Justin Banks, who fished their first tournament with the club and won the 2nd big fish of the day award with a 3.26.

Carolina Bass Club fishes Mt. Island Lake on November 7th, and Lake Hickory on November 8th.

Cleveland County Bass Club fished their October tournament at Greenwood Oct 17th.

It looked like there were tournaments putting in at every landing. The lake was busy and seemed to be under a lot of stress from all the people fishing tournaments.

If you just wanted to catch something and didn't care about the size, you could have done plenty of that Saturday. Getting a limit of legal size proved to be tough. No one got a limit today in CCBC.

Here is today's results:

1st--Roger Beaver--3 fish, 7.60.

Roger also took big fish of the day with a 3.88 pounder.

2nd--David Moss--2 fish--3.62

3rd--Richard Mize--2 fish--3.28

4th--Derek Barkley--2 fish--3.22

5th--Tammy Melton--1 fish--1.64

Top 10 fish off is last Sat of this month, October 31.

If you have a fish picture that you are proud of, or pictures of your kids or grandchildren with their first catch etc, please send me your information and pictures to: carterchevtammy@yahoo.com

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