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NC Lottery Winner Buys His Dream Truck
Paul Carter of Carter Chevrolet gives a thumbs up as Carter Sales Consultant, Wayne Gregory congratulates NC Lottery winner, Dan Royal on the purchase of his new Chevrolet Silverado.
On Valentines Day, Tuesday, February 14, 2012, a day when most of us choose to “show the love”, a man in Rutherford County bought a $10 scratch-off Jumbo Bucks ticket. When he got outside The Little Cubbard store (Route 64 in Ruth), he checked his scratch-off ticket and the N.C. Lottery ticket “showed the love!”  Dan Royal discovered, to his amazement, that he had just won the top prize of $750,000. One of the six winning numbers was #2 and on the third line at the bottom of the ticket was #2 with the amount of  $750,000 posted in the winning box. He could hardly believe his eyes, so he went back into the store to have the clerk who sold him the ticket and the manager check that what he saw and believed was absolutely right.
The Little Cubbard store in Ruth has been around for a long, long time. Dan has been going there since he was 16 years old. He lives just down the road and drops in every morning for a cup of coffee on his way to work. Dan is a carpenter for Carson Contracting.
The next day he drove to Raleigh to claim his prize. He returned with $510,003.20 after taxes,.
A couple of years ago, Dan was looking at buying a truck. That’s when he met Wayne Gregory, a sales consultant at Carter Chevrolet. Dan was very impressed with Wayne, because he took over an hour to answer his questions about the Silverado trucks. Although he didn’t buy a new truck, he remembered Wayne. After returning from Raleigh with his winnings, Dan went back to the dealership, found Wayne and told him that he wanted to look at trucks again. He picked out a black four wheel drive Chevy Silverado crew cab. It was then he told Wayne, “this is the truck I want” and he would pay cash. His dream truck became a reality!
Dan drove off in his new truck and went back to work the next day. He said he wants to continue working. Now that he has his dream truck, he’s thinking about putting the rest of the money to a interest bearing account.
By the way, after coming back from Raleigh on Wednesday, Dan stopped back by The Little Cubbard store for a cup of coffee and bought a $20 scratch-off ticket, but only won another $1000.
This story confirms that it pays to always be nice, because you just never know. Just ask Wayne Gregory.

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