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North Shelby Students Compete In Goat Show
North Shelby students line up with the goats to receive their trophies.
An excited group of North Shelby School students went to the Cleveland County Fair to compete in a special goat show. Each student paraded their goat around the arena for the judges to view. No first place was awarded, because every student was a winner!  Each one received a trophy as they exited the arena, and were given a stuffed toy and a bag of cotton candy. This is the second year that this special day has taken place for North Shelby students, and the second year that Pat Reithoffer of the Reithoffer Shows sponsored the event. Mr. Reithoffer repeatedly said: “It is a wonderful event and I’m proud to be a part of it.” The expressions on the faces of each of the twenty-five children that let you know that it was a  special occasion for some very special people.

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