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Outdoor Truths: Aiming Outdoorsmen Toward Christ August 1, 2019

It seems, years ago, I simply reacted when hunting season came. The preparation phase lasted only about a month. The reason was because I hunted area farms. Unlike many hardwoods areas, farm-land hunting is fairly predictable. The deer are basically going to be there from year to year. I know this cuts out the need for a lot of scouting articles, but the truth is the truth. For instance, I have heard all my life that oak trees only produce acorns every three years or so. Now, I've not studied this, so don't send me mean emails. What I have discovered, however, is this. If there is an oak tree on the side of a field, and that field is fertilized by the farmer every year, that tree will have acorns every year. I have also noticed this If this same farmer has several cows and those cows fertilize around that oak tree every year (if you know what I mean), that tree will have acorns every year as well. Things just are a little different on the farm. And what about that wonderful spring gobbler. I've hunted them in the deep woods and on the farm and I can tell you, once again, if that farmer has cows and he feeds those cows a little sweet feed, he is creating one of the best management areas for turkeys. What each hunter needs to realize is that each cow pie is a natural bait pile a turkey will eventually find. Somehow, I just can't see this technique being given print space in Field and Stream; but again, that's life on the farm; a little different and, in my opinion, a lot better. The farmer has learned nothing is wasted - even waste. He has learned what the rest of the world sees as worthless and even unmentionable, are the catalyst for growth and the medium for consistency. He has learned that waste is not waste, it is "fertilizer!"
What all of us need to remember is there is nothing that happens in our life that is useless or worthless. God never looks at something we have done and says, "I can't use that." He uses everything and has promised that even the things we consider of no use, He will use to grow our life into one that is consistent in bearing spiritual fruit year after year. What looks like cow pies to you, is fertilizer to God.

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