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Outdoor Truths: Aiming Outdoorsmen Toward Christ Dec 27, 2018

The rigors of late season hunting can put a toll on one's patience. This is especially true if the season has not produced the results we had hoped for. Everything from the weather to the inability to hunt as often as we like, can make us a very unsociable human. Sometimes our rank disposition is turned toward those we love, and sometimes it's aimed at someone we really want to dislike anyway. A long time ago, I learned I had better not "cop an attitude" with my wife. First, she would be quick to straighten me out. But secondly, it's not her fault that I'm tired and that I missed the shot. She is not deserving of my ornery mood. But neither is anyone else. As for those people that I dislike; I try to make them few. All in all, our hunting and fishing escapades only do a little to determine our character, they mostly just reveal it. If a person is moody, loves to grumble and complain, and finds fault in just about everyone, they will do the same in the outdoor world. And I don't want to be around them.
I read one time that moodiness is a sign of spiritual immaturity because it shows a lack of faith in God who is always constant and consistent. When our faith is in God, circumstances will have very little effect on our mood. Of course, there are periods of undue distress such as the loss of a loved one or a serious illness, but overall our lives must be one where our mood-swings are few. And why would a person complain and grumble so much when we are such a blessed people? When we grumble and complain we become both egocentric and unthankful. We are egocentric in that we put our needs above everyone else's, and we are unthankful in that we continue to utter our complaints. God's way is two-fold; humility and praise. It's the picture of Christmas. The Bible says concerning Jesus, "Though he was God, He did not demand and cling to His rights as God. He made himself nothing; He took the humble position of a slave and appeared in human form." And how thankful (praise) we should be because of this act of selfless sacrifice toward us who needed it most.
Ask God to make you a humble and thankful person. Ask Him to give you a great faith so people will never have to wonder what mood you're in. In doing so, not only will others like you more, you will like the new, consistent you, as well.

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