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Outdoor Truths: Aiming Outdoorsmen Toward Christ Dec. 27th
It was my last day of deer hunting for the year. I was pressing the issue as I eased out an old dirt road. Planted pines and thickets made bookends for my path, and I knew that at any time, a buck could peek out. Even though my biceps got tired, I carried my gun in the ready position. I knew that if an opportunity came it would be fleeting.
During the previous days I had hunted that same road as I went to my tree stand, and there were signs along the way but the weather had been unbearable for man or beast. This was the first day in a 4 day stretch that had the weather that I was looking for. Too bad, it was my last morning. About two hours after daylight, sure enough, a buck stepped out of a thicket about 80 yards away… No monster, but a respectable deer that looked to have about a 16 or 17 inch inside spread. And after enduring the last few days, this was one that I would be thrilled to load in the back of my truck. By the time he was completely in the road I already had my gun raised and my cross hairs were in position. I was a little shaky since I was shooting offhanded but things were happening too fast for buck fever. Even though he was looking at me, something told me to be patient; just to wait. Normally this is good advice. This time it
wasn’t. While I waited, he bolted. I never took  the shot.
In life, as in hunting, there’s a fine line between patience and missing an opportunity. And even though most of us are impulse buyers when it comes to smaller things, we tend to be too patient when a real door of opportunity opens. Most of the time, this wait is caused as we weigh risk against reward. And again, most of the time, the price seems too high.  As a result the opportunity soon leaves as quickly as my deer did. I hope you understand that if risk was not involved everybody would jump at these opportunities and that if you continue to wait until the “time is right,” it just may never be.
What is it that God is leading you to do? Are you being patient or are you just paralyzed by the risk that it will require for you to take? King Solomon gave these words of advice. “If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.” I wished I had pulled the trigger but that opportunity is lost. I hope that you are not losing yours.

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