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Outdoor Truths: Aiming Outdoorsmen Toward Christ Feb. 9th
The warm February weather has really put a hamper on the work I need to get done. I’m hearing about 15 inch crappie and my mind keeps wondering to places far away from my office. I love warm winters. The air seems so pure and filled with extra goodies like adrenaline and passion. Each breath is a heavenly tonic that seems to cure and rejuvenate everything that the previous difficult days have stripped away. I think it is only fitting that a new year starts this way. It’s as if the tank is refilled with the fuel that will be needed for another year.
 I am constantly amazed at the intricate way our universe is designed. In fact, it is this design that provides one of the evidences for the existence of God. When one discovers how specifically complex creation actually is, he is forced to contemplate how such complexity could happen without an intelligent designer. Let me illustrate with the most recent example.
When considering DNA, Bill Gates noted, “DNA is like a computer program, but far, far more advanced than any software we’ve ever created.” Now if you need to, read that quote again. We’re talking Bill Gates here; the foremost expert on software programming. Now I might be one fry short of a Happy Meal, but I promise you if I were to discover a CD with Microsoft Office on it, I wouldn’t pick it up and say, “Look at what random selection produced over the past million years!” No, I would know that behind such specific, complex, and precise information, there must be some personal and intelligent designer. I’m not talking about faith here; I’m talking about a rational and reasonable response to the evidence given. And to think that I, along with millions of other hunters and fishermen, get to gawk with amazement at these proofs as we pursue our favorite hobby. No wonder I always proclaim, “I’ve never met and atheist hunter.”
My hunting and fishing friend, don’t ever take for granted the blessed privilege that you have as you go outdoors. Don’t assume that it will always be there for you. And don’t think that this universe and all of its components are there just for your viewing pleasure. Remember as the Psalmist told us; “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork.” There is a great cosmic Designer and this truth ought to be more evident to the outdoorsman and outdoorswoman, more than any other group. Be thankful for such a privilege, but don’t keep this good news to yourself.
I’d love to come and speak to your group about these truths. Contact me.

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