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Outdoor Truths: Aiming Outdoorsmen Toward Christ June 6th
My son and I just did a four hour float on the river. It was only my second time this year, but our first. I had been waiting for the water to recede from several spring rains that had hit our area. And after being away for a few days, it all lined up for us to go. It was a beautiful, shirt-sleeve comfortable, morning that was also full of some great expectations from me. This time of year the fishing can be good all day long and the fish don’t seem as finicky. The water was not yet warm enough to throw my favorite top water bait so we opted for a small fluke. It is real close to top water so I enjoy that as well. By the end of the morning we had caught over a dozen smallmouths, but none of any significant size. I was actually a little disappointed that we had not caught more. I was expecting much more action especially with the occasional redeye that is caught on most trips. This day only produced the smallmouth. After my disappointment settled I realized that it was really unfounded. We caught about fifteen bass in four hours, and I’m disappointed? That’s just wrong.
The truth is, the higher our expectations, the more disappointments we all will have. Some hate disappointments so much they refuse to let themselves dream any larger than a sure thing. Not me, I am forever the dreamer. It does hurt sometimes, but God made me this way. The good thing about setting high goals is that it also raises the bottom. Fifteen fish would have been great if my goal was ten. But since my goal was more like twenty-five, fifteen was a slight letdown, but only until I considered my lofty goal. It then became a good day.
Many of you have set some high goals but on the way to your achievements you have suffered many disappointments. It may be that right now you are mired in those letdowns. It may be that you are beating yourself up concerning your inability to accomplish the things you want to accomplish. When this happens it is a sure sign that you have forgotten how lofty your goals really are. Now is the time to look at how far you have raised the bottom. What you will most likely find is someone who has come further than you had ever imagined and accomplished more than you would have ever dreamed. Keep dreaming big but never forget to remember how far you have already come.

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