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Outdoor Truths: Aiming Outdoorsmen Toward Christ Sept. 15th
Every fall the big box hunting stores have their sales and specials. Most of the time, these particular days includes seminars from national or regional pros. Many pro staff members of hunting companies are also asked to stand in and endorse certain brands or products. This weekend I stood in for PSE Archery at one of the Gander Mountain stores. These are good opportunities to meet new people and talk up the upcoming hunting season while promoting your brand.
 What was really neat about this particular weekend was how Gander Mountain and PSE came together to allow us to hold a small church service on site. Gander provided the room and PSE provided a new bow to be drawn for. It was a great morning as I spoke to about 20 individuals. The end of the service was capped off by little Emma winning the bow. Our winner was only 8 years old. As her dad joined her, I handed Emma a ready-to-shoot bow including a dozen arrows to go with it. She had everything she needed to hunt to her wonderful potential. But as you can imagine, Emma would have to grow into her gift.
 As I thought about that event, I was reminded of what a great illustration this was of a particular Bible verse. In Colossians 2 it says, “For in Christ dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. And you are complete in Him.” It simply means that Christ has all of God and if we have Christ, we too have all of God. We have everything we need to be all that God has called us to be. Nothing is missing or lacking. But just like Emma, we may have to grow into all parts of the gift that we have received.
 Our prayers ought never to be for God to give us more, for this is impossible. But it ought to be that God would “grow us up” in the faith so that we might “fit” all the gifts He gave us when He poured Himself into our lives when we placed our trust in Him.

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