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Outdoor Truths: Aiming Outdoorsmen Towards Christ June 25, 2015

Men have this uncanny ability to compartmentalize most of what we do. We can simply, mentally, separate one thing from another. We can neatly detach our fatherhood from our hunting and fishing, and each of these from us being a husband. Some say we are organized; my wife would beg to differ or even laugh at the man who came up with that idea. Women do however; have more of a tendency to intertwine the roles in their lives. For instance, a man can go fishing and immediately forget about any problems that may be at home. When a woman goes fishing she has a harder time leaving the role of being a coworker, mother, and wife. It's just how each of the sexes is built. And while we might argue which is better, the truth is we need one another and must learn how to bring these differences into our own lives. Again, for instance, a man must learn that he can never fully remove himself from his other roles and their responsibilities. And a woman must learn that sometimes she must give her full attention to only one role; like being a wife.
When it comes to our relationship to God, the women's way is the only way. There is absolutely no way we can leave the things of God on the sideline while we participate in another activity. We all must realize that God wants to be a part of, and has a purpose in everything that makes up our life. He wants to use our home, our hobbies, and our vocation to make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others. They are meant to be fully, completely, and entirely, intertwined. I'm not saying you are to turn your workplace into a church but I am saying that people at work ought to know by your actions and reactions that you are trying to apply spiritual principles in your life.
Are you separating your spiritual life from your work life or hobby? Have you put God into a neat little box only to be opened on Sunday or at some other convenient time? I promise that your fishing trips will be much more fun and perhaps more successful if you will let God be your fishing partner. And your work will be much more fulfilling and perhaps more successful as well, if you will welcome Him into your place of business each day.

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