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Outdoor Truths: Aiming Outdoorsmen Towards Christ Nov 20, 2014
 There are a lot of worthwhile pieces of equipment that a deer hunter can utilize today. Each one can turn the odds more in favor of the hunter. Perhaps one of the greatest ones in the past two decades has been the trail camera. The new ones actually have an option where one can subscribe to a wireless telephone service and watch what the camera sees in real time from anywhere in the country. Scouting and patterning a deer has now been regulated to seeing what day and time the big buck is showing up and planning to be in the woods at that time. This may sound like the hunter is now given a sure thing, but a static camera is a lot different than a dynamic human with all of his or her variables.        
Another one of my favorite hunting tools is the range finder. For bow hunters it takes out all the guess work in determining the distance to the target. You simply point it at the target, push a button, and read the correct distance. Simple right? Yes, but only if you trust it. You see, sometimes the distance the range finder displays seems wrong. From the perspective of the hunter, the distance may seem longer or shorter. And that is when the real battle ensues. The battle of the mind. Your mind says one thing but the math says another. And because your mind says one thing, you now feel that you are correct. This means the odds are even greater against that piece of equipment that was made on a Friday with parts supplied by the lowest bidder.  Surely how you think and how you feel cannot both be wrong. Can they? So now you have to decide am I going to trust the piece of equipment designed specifically to measure accurate yardage or am I going to trust my mind and my feelings that can change due to what I eat and how much sleep I have been deprived of. Most people choose the latter. Maybe not in the hunting world but they sure do in the more important things of life.
For a follower of Christ, I am to trust God who has designed me and who has a purpose and plan for my life. Sometimes though His directions for me as prescribed in the Bible go against everything I have come to know and against everything I feel is right. And thus the battle begins. Do I trust His word or do I trust last night’s caffeine and pizza? Well to be honest, sometimes I choose caffeine and pizza. But the older I get the more I realize I need to trust God’s word no matter if it goes against what I think or what I feel. What about you?

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