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Pinnacle Classical Academy

According to a recent media release, on Friday, Feb. 17, 2023, representatives of T.C. Strickland Construction, Holland & Hamrick Architects, and the USDA joined students, faculty, and members of the board of directors at the new groundbreaking at the school's Joe's Lake Road campus.

It was noted that speakers included the school's headmaster, Dr. Shelly Shope; Chair of the Board of Directors, Sen. Debbie Clary; Board Vice Chair and Facilities Chair, Sen. Wes Westmoreland; and Nicholas Lattanzi of the USDA. Emily Bridges and Lydia Canipe, the presidents of the junior and senior classes, led the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and the School Pledge.

The media release also stated that, "Although Pinnacle Classical Academy is a public school, Pinnacle - like other charter schools - receives no capital funding and thus has relied on the USDA to help finance this $15 million project."

Westmoreland said, "The project will effectively double the footprint of the current school, adding roughly 60,000 square feet and expanding the gymnasium and locker rooms."

Senator Clary said, "This is our second major project with the USDA, and we are so grateful for their help and support - there is simply no way we can meet the demands of Cleveland and surrounding counties for school choice without their financing."

In other comments, Dr. Shope noted, "The growth we have experienced has put pressure on our facilities, particularly with the college classes offered here. We are most anxious to add the additional classrooms, lab, and media space to our campus."

Senator Westmoreland also noted that Pinnacle is a tuition-free public school, and is now accepting applications for new students and will hold a lottery on Monday, March 13, at 6 p.m. "The applications are available online at PinnacleClassicalAcademy.com, and students will be accepted on a random basis pending space availability," he added.

"To have additional space will allow us to open even more spots for families looking for a unique, classical curriculum, academic rigor, successful safety record, and many athletic opportunities," said Sen. Clary.

Pinnacle Classical Academy is a public charter school with campuses on South Post Road (K-3) and Joe's Lake Road
(4-12) in Shelby.

As per the media release, it is to noted that the school "...is consistently one of the state's top-performing public school units, and has 1,137 students in grades K-12 and more kindergarteners than any other school in Cleveland County."

For more information visit their website at: www.pinnacleclassicalacademy.com or call (704) 740-4040.

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