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Relay For Life New Sponsor Opportunities
Shelia Garner
   As the need for financial support grows to find a cure for this deadly disease, personal life experiences by both the survivors and remembered loved ones give us all a strong message. The tribute to those who have “fought the good fight” and lost, as well as those who have won and are surviving, makes us all “soldiers of fortune!” The transition is the result of someone or ones who have touched our lives. We become the relentless crusaders for the cause! This year Co-Chairs, Randy Wieck and Lori McKee have put a personal stamp on each gift level for supporters! Who would not want to be a part of this?
    First, “The Reliable Relayers” introduce a Golf Cart Sponsor at a reasonable $200 level. Each sponsor is given their name on the golf cart used by committee members to transport the survivors.
    Next, and perhaps the emerging most popular sponsorship is appropriately named, “Friends of Carey”. How can we ever forget the 11 year old lady who taught us so much, so often. Her story is an indelible inspiration we cannot forget!  This sponsorship level is $500 to $999. It provides an endless list of inclusive acknowledgments
     Then there is “Ed’s Crusaders For A Cure” sponsorship level set at $1000 to $2,499. It’s named in honor of Ed Minor who  is still fighting overwhelming odds to be a survivor. He is a role model!
     The next level is “Shelia’s Shinning Stars”, named for the amazing Shelia Garner who continues her 18 year fight for a cure! This levels is $2,500 to $4,999. She is well known and represents “The Spirit Of Relay”. She is a constant reminder for others never to give up the fight for survival.
     The highest level, and crowning achievement of sponsorship, is appropriately named for the late Dr. Avery McMurray. Himself a cancer victim. He became the driving force that made the Cleveland County Cancer Center become a reality. He also was one of the founders who started our “Relay For Life” annual event. His “Avery’s Angels” level is $5,000 and above. It includes nine acknowledgments.
     The dream for a cure needs your help! Yes, it is destined to and will become a reality. You have the golden opportunity to make it happen and secure yourself or business a permanent place of honor. To make sure you do, please contact Chairman, Sponsors Committee, Jack Weller at: 704-473-5282. Opening ceremony for this year’s Relay For Life is 6 p. m. at the Cleveland County Fair grounds on Friday, May 20th and the all night continuation until Saturday, May 21st.
     Thank you and may God Bless You All!

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